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Daily News on Vape Industry September 6th, 2023


1. The latest developments in ELF BAR’s counterclaim against American company VPR for infringement of its new product “ELF BAR”: VPR asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit, claiming that ELF BAR has nothing unique that can be imitated.


2. Global Investment Holding Company, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, successfully won the bid to acquire a 30% stake in Oriental Tobacco Company, who is Egypt’s largest tobacco manufacturer, for US$625 million. The bidding also includes Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco.


3. News of France’s plan to ban disposable vapessparked widespread discussion on Twitter. The number of netizens holding favorable and opposing opinions was roughly equal.


4. Following France’s plan to ban disposablevapes by the end of 2023, British activists have called on their country to take similar measures to deal with the problems caused by disposable vapes.


5. Clyde Lukes, Chairman of the North London Waste Management Authority (NLWA) in the UK, wrote to the Secretary of State for the Environment and the Minister of the Environment, stating that disposable vapes are “logistically difficult and labor-intensive&expensive” to recycle due to their “complex material composition”,and strongly urges the government to consider banning the use of disposable vapes.


6. Turkish Customs seized more than 22,000 vapingproducts at the Hamzabeli border port, with a total value of 17.72 million Turkish lira, or approximately 4.84 million yuan.