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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Daily News on Vape Industry September 5th, 2023


1. French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bohn revealed in an interview that France plans to ban disposable vapes, but she has not yet announced the effective date of the ban.


2. German customs seized 4,600 liters of illegal e-liquid and some vape equipment from a company in Hannover, involving a tax evasion amount of up to 736,000 euros. It is reported that the company is the operator of the online store “Dark Burner”.


3. One month after VUSEGO 800 was launched in South Korea, four new flavors have been added. The four flavors are Sunset Fresh, Yellow Breeze, Summer Fresh, and Pearl Fresh.


4. The British Vaping Association (UKVIA) announced that British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco and Philip Morris International are no longer members of UKVIA.


5. Chinese vape manufacturers believe that the compliance work of vape industry in Indonesia will effectively push up the industry threshold and increase concentration, which is conducive to the healthy development of the industry and is also beneficial to companies operating in compliance.


6. German politician Thorsten Albiger has joined Philip Morris International as head of external affairs at its German subsidiary to support the development of harm-reduced tobacco products.


7. The Kostanai Oblast branch of the Kazakhstan State Tax Service stated that they confiscated unmarked vape products worth 30 million tenge.