WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Daily News on Vape Industry September 4th, 2023


1. Eevgeny Fedotov, leader of the Russian tobacco consulting organization Fedotov Group, revealed that the government has postponed the minimum price policy for vapes and plans to implement it on November 1.


2. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration seized more than 40,000 vapes from a warehouse in Brisbane, with an estimated total value of more than A$1.2 million.


3. Thirty-three state attorneys general in the United States jointly put forward a proposal to limit the flavors of vapes and reduce the nicotine strength in them to protect teenagers from the harm of vapes.


4. The Slovak competition authority decided to fine an online store nearly 40 million forints (approximately 828,000 yuan) for misleadingly claiming that vaping products could be legally ordered in Hungary.


5. The Indonesian Parliament (DPR) passed the Health Bill No. 17 of 2023. This bill is seen as providing legal certainty to the vape industry, classifying vapes as an addictive substance.


6. Philip Morris International Japan has launched a new project called the “IQOS Device Recycling Program” on August 31, aiming to recover and dispose of IQOS devices that are no longer used.


7. British American Tobacco announced that it will soon launch environmentally friendly packaging for its “Dunhill” and “Kent” cigarette packaging boxes, as well as Neo sticks specifically for its heat-not-burn product GLO.