WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Daily News on Vape Industry September 1st, 2023


1. Russia nicotine products’ production and distribution license system and vape product minimum retail price system officially came into effect.


2. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said the FDA failed to conduct a proper analysis before rejecting a premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) submitted by Fontem US, the company behind the Blu and my Blu e-cigarette brands, for certain vapeproducts.


3. On August 29, PR Newswire released the five brands that will dominate the disposable vapemarket from 2023 to 2024. These include FLUM Vape, Lost Bar Vape, Sugar Bar Vape, UnoMas Vape,EB create Vape.


4. Tobacco company Philip Morris South Africa (PMSA) believes that South Africa’s Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Control Act is unreasonable, arguing that South Africa’s new tobacco law requires a distinction between cigarettes and non-combustion alternatives.


5. Malaysia MVA survey: Nearly half of users prefer open devices, while only 26.4% prefer disposable products.


6. Recently, the Swiss Sens Foundation and suppliers reached an agreement on an industry solution to rely on “vaperecycling bags” to recycle vapes.


7. Carrefour, a large supermarket chain, has begun selling vapingproducts in some areas of Spain. This is the first supermarket chain to enter the Spanish vapemarket. Carrefour sells the brand Cool Vaps for 9.95 euros.