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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Daily News on Vape Industry March 5th, 2024

  1. In December 2023, China’s exports of vapesto Italy were approximately US$7.53 million, a decrease of 18.52% from the previous month and a decrease of 55.72% from the same period last year; the export volume was approximately 134 tons, a decrease of 14.72% from the previous month and a decrease of 63.01% from the same period last year.


  1. Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael McGrath announced that vapeswill be taxed starting next year.


  1. The Russian government has approved a national procedure for controlling the production and distribution of tobacco and nicotine-containing products. This regulation will take effect on March 1. The responsibility for monitoring tobacco production and distribution will be borne by the Russian Tobacco and Alcohol Supervision Agency.


  1. On the evening of March 3, Israeli Finance Minister Bethalil Smotrich signed a decree to increase the sales tax on tobacco products. The signing of this decree means that the prices of tobacco, cigarettes and vape liquids in Israel will increase across the board from now on.


  1. Recently, a photo of the “vapewall” published online has attracted widespread attention in Australia. Dozens of discarded plastic vapesare scattered on the roadside guardrail of Melbourne’s highway. Experts warn that improper handling of vapes has caused fire.


  1. The city of Evanston, Illinois, USA will ban the sale of all tobacco flavored products starting from April 1. Those who violate the ban may be fined and have their tobacco retail license revoked.


  1. Today in the Perm Territoryin Russia,a law banning the sale and advertising of vapes in non-fixed trading objects (NTO) came into force. The Kama region is one of the first regions of Russia to introduce such a restriction.