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Daily News on Vape Industry March 21st, 2024

  1. In January and February this year, China’s vapeexports totaled approximately US$1.656 billion, a year-on-year increase of 9.24%; the export volume was 36,247 tons, a year-on-year increase of 35.11%.


  1. The New Zealand government announced that it will ban the sale of disposable vapes and increase the maximum fine from US$10,000 to US$100,000 for illegal sales of vapesor other controlled products to persons under the age of 18.


  1. The Polish government plans to ban disposable vapesto address public health concerns. The bill is likely to go out for public consultation in the coming weeks. At the same time, the Ministry of Health is also preparing a bill on flavored vapes, and the directive is expected to be implemented by November at the latest.


  1. The British government has submitted a bill to Parliament that would ban people under 15 from buying tobacco. This initiative aims to reduce the problem of youth smoking in the country.


  1. Stanton, California, will extend its temporary ban on tobacco stores beyond 10 months as state officials study how to enforce a recent ban on flavored tobacco products.


  1.  The Belgian Minister of Health proposed the implementation of the “Smoke-free Generation” plan, which aims to strictly prohibit the sale of tobacco products to teenagers under the age of 18. Under the plan, retailers are required to verify buyers’ IDs and strictly manage tobacco supplies in large supermarkets.


  1. Estonia’s defense forces show support for Ukraine by refusing to purchase Russian-backed products. The country’s Defense Ministry said stores and vending machines under the jurisdiction of the army and other military agencies will no longer sell products from companies including Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco.