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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Daily News on Vape Industry March 13th, 2024

  1. In December 2023, China exported approximately US$5.97 million of vapesto Croatia, a decrease of 57.49% from the previous month and a decrease of 63.02% from the same period last year; the export volume was approximately 96 tons, a decrease of 44.09% from the previous month and a decrease of 47.21% from the same period last year.


  1. The British government announced a draft regulation and plans to completely ban the sale of disposable vapesstarting in April 2025. The regulations state that violators face fines of up to £200 and possible imprisonment.


  1. British American Tobacco has opened an innovation center at its global research and development (R&D) headquarters in Southampton. The £30 million center provides nine specially designed technical spaces to help develop BAT’s portfolio of low-risk products.


  1. 4. British American Tobacco is considering selling part of its stake in Indian ITC Company through block transactions on the market. Preliminary estimates put the value of the stake at between $2 billion and $3 billion.


  1. A survey by the British VapeIndustry Association shows that although the vape industry is facing environmental pressure, there are serious insufficient facilities for handling vapewaste in public facilities. Only 60% of responding agencies stated that they provide vape waste disposal services at citizen convenience stations or designated collection facilities, and only 10% of agencies have set up vape waste recycling bins in public places.


  1. Imperial Brands has launched the second phase of a £1.1 billion buyback plan. In addition to the £550 million it has already completed, it will buy back up to £550 million of shares by the end of October.