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Daily News on Vape Industry January 30th, 2024

  1. The British government announced a complete ban on the sale of disposable vapes and restricted the flavors of refillable vapes, while requiring manufacturers to use simpler, less visually appealing packaging. The ban has received overwhelming support, with nearly 70% of parents, teachers, healthcare professionals and the public supporting the measure. At present, the implementation time of the bill has not yet been determined.


  1. After the British government announced a ban on disposable vapes, the stock prices of Smooreand Yinghe Technology fell by 3.35% and 11.33% respectively. S


  1. According to people familiar with the matter, after the UK announced a ban on the sale of disposable vapes, some small retailers have begun clearance sales of disposable vapes, while large dealers have begun to mainly promote open products and e-liquid products.


  1. The Malaysian Youth and Sports Department was revealed to have accepted sponsorship from vapecompanies, raising questions about whether it violated the Tobacco Control Act. Itsdeputy minister said an investigation into the matter was underway.


  1. The Russian government has questioned the proposal to legislate the sale of vapesand expressed concern that the ban may lead to an increase in illegal trade. While members of Russia’s parliament support a total ban, they believe the effects of measures already taken need to be evaluated before deciding whether to implement them.


  1. British American Tobacco Japan has launched a new hybrid brand called “Lucky Strike Smooth Tobacco for glo hyper”, designed specifically for its heated tobacco product “glo”.


  1. The latest World Health Organization (WHO) report shows that 150 countries around the world have successfully reduced tobacco use over the past 20 years. The global smoking rate among adults has dropped from one in three to one in five, with Brazil and the Netherlands successfully reducing smoking rates through these measures. In Latin American countries, smoking rates have fallen by 35%, while European countries are also close to achieving the 30% target.