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Daily News on Vape Industry December 12th, 2023

  1. In October 2023, China’s exports of e-cigarettes to Canada were approximately US$26.46 million, a month-on-month decrease of 9.11%, and a year-on-year increase of 110.96%; the export volume was approximately 467 tons, a month-on-month decrease of 13.37%, and a year-on-year increase of 216.74%.


  1. New Zealand vaperetailers are encouraging consumers to stock up on disposable vapesin large quantities and offering large discounts to cope with the upcoming ban on some vaping products.


  1. Belfast City Council will submit a draft consultation response to the British government on creating a “smoke-free generation” to deal with the excessive smoking and use of vapesamong teenagers.


  1. Philip Morris International (PMI) announced the launch of its heated tobacco product IQOS I LUMA on the Albanian market.


  1. U.S. House of Representatives members are asking federal officials for information on what they are doing to stem the recent influx of vapes from China that attract children.


  1. 6. British wholesale giant Booker revealed that it has decided to reduce the wholesale prices of market-leading brands such as Lost Mary, Found Mary, ELFBAR and SKECrystal in thevape category until January 26.


  1. Kim Eun-chi, president of British American Tobacco Korea, said that Vuse has proven its competitiveness in the U.S. market, so it can shake the rules of the Korean vapemarket.


  1. The Merseyside Police in the UK, together with Knowsley City Trading Standards Bureau, launched a secret investigation into shops in the Kirkby area and seized 1,129 illegal vapesproducts.