WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Daily News on Vape Industry August 21st, 2023


1. Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Social Development have launched a joint law enforcement operation with the National Police Agency, and have blocked 76 websites that sell vapes online, aiming to crack down on illegal sales.


2. Florida is becoming one of the importing places of illegal vapingproducts. The state’s government and business leaders have asked the federal government to help solve this problem. TheFDA has issued warnings to several stores in the state selling unapproved disposable vapes.


3. Hani Aman, CEO of Eastern Tobacco Company, Egypt’s largest cigarette manufacturer, said that Egyptians use about 100 billion cigarettes every year, accounting for about 18% of the country’s population. This equates to 1,000 cigarettes per year (men, women and children) for each of Egypt’s 100 million people, or 3 cigarettes per day.


4. After a random inspection of the vapestore named Magic Theater Smoke Shop, the California police seized 6,298 flavored vapesand pods, with a total value of about 189,000 US dollars.


5. The police in Mugla Province, Turkey recently discovered during law enforcement operations that criminals smuggled vapesfrom other places by express delivery. The police seized 250 illegal vapesin subsequent operations.