WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Daily News on Vape Industry August 16th, 2023


1. The Russian Ministry of Finance establishes minimum prices for heated tobacco products, e-liquids (nicotine liquid, nicotine-free liquid) and tobacco-free hookah mixtures. The calculation formula is: minimum price = tax rate per unit mass or volume x (1 + value-added tax rate) x increase factor.


2. JUUL stated that they have upgraded the age verification application for the product, aiming to effectively prevent minors from using it. They hope that through this move, they will regain their listing authorization in the US market.


3. Several senators in Connecticut proposed to ban flavored vapes, because the number of children using vapingproducts in the state has increased by 47%.


4. The US state of Washington provided $1.3 million in grantsto 11 community groups to support programs for youth away from marijuana and commercial tobacco.


5. The High Court of Malaysia allowed three civil society groups to continue their lawsuit against the Malaysian government and the Minister of Health for failing to prevent businesses from supplying vapesand e-liquids to children.


6. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan announced their reasons for supporting the ban on vapes. They all agree that vapesmay have a negative impact on people’s health, especially the younger generation.