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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Daily News on Vape Industry August 14th, 2023


1. On August 12, the two-day Malaysia Mavis Electronic Cigarette Exhibition was held at the Mines Convention and Exhibition Center in Selangor. The exhibition attracted a total of 40 exhibitors. The main exhibits of the exhibition are large-mouth products, including disposable large-mouth and large-capacity refillable products.


2. At the vape exhibition in Malaysia, VUSE launched a 1500-puff disposable vape. The staff at the booth said that VUSE plans to increase the repurchase rate of consumers by selling products in small quantities.


3. The US state of Texas passed House Bill No. 114 to strengthen schools’ disciplinary measures against students using vaping products on campus. The bill will take effect on September 1.


4. Super Job, a well-known Russian data research organization, interviewed 1,600 people in 383 regions of the country. The results showed that 65% of the respondents supported the complete ban on e-cigarettes, 18% of the respondents said they did not support it, and 17% of the respondents said they did not support it. % of respondents said it was difficult to answer.


5. The Krasnodar city government in Russia stated that they will take action against the illegal sale of traditional cigarettes and vaping devices, and will also carry out enforcement actions against hookah smoking in catering establishments.


6. New regulations have been introduced in North Lincolnshire, England, announcing that retailers who illegally sell vapes to children will be fined up to 2,500 pounds.