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Daily News on Vape Industry January 2nd, 2024

  1. In November 2023, China exported vapes to Australia to approximately US$27.83 million, a month-on-month increase of 305.82% and a year-on-year increase of 97.99%.


  1. E-cigarette regulatory policies in many countries around the world came into effect on January 1, such as the Netherlands banning flavored vapes, New York State in the United States implementing stricter marketing restrictions, and Bulgaria banning the sale of heat-not-burn products other than tobacco flavors.


  1. British American Tobacco Nigeria said it had paid a US$110 million fine to the local government and cooperated with investigating agencies to comply with local laws.


  1. South Korea’s Mons company announced the launch of a new vapeBubblepop.


  1. South Australia, Australia, recently decided to expand the areas where smoking and vapingare prohibited, including beaches, schools, shopping malls and other public places. Violators will face fines.


  1. The Indonesian Ministry of Industry responded to the World Health Organization’s warning on vapes. vapesare in a growth stage in Indonesia, and the government has included vapesin the health law implementation plan.


  1. Spain’s health minister plans to regulate vapes, saying they are harmful to health and may promote smoking behaviour. Preliminary research shows that the proportion of teenagers who try vapesreaches 10%-12%.